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SQLite and PHP

SQLite is undoubtedly one of the best tools to store data when you need simplicity and why to call SQLite as a tool and not a database? The answer is quite simple too. SQLite is a library developed in C and it can be easily integrated with PHP, a sign on the PHP version 5 it is already integrated into the language. The great advantage of SQLite is that it no requires DBMS (System Manager database) to perform routines like insert, update, update and create tables. This all can be done directly from the language which means that there is a high gain in time and processing.

The SQLite is stored on the same server where the application is installed. It writes and creates the file '.db' in a very simple and compact way, this means to save resources. The various projects can take advantage of all this simplicity and thus gain in performance, check out some examples of use of SQLite:
  • Sites with less than 100,000 requests per day;
  • Embedded systems;
  • Static tools and analysis;
  • Creation of new features from SQL.
The syntax used in SQLite is the standard SQL that is very simple to work with. As a free tool, the database costs is exempted. This is an important feature once small projects should not to generate a high demand to justify this kind of spending. That is why using SQLite in small sites and web applications that do not generate many data requests and complex processing.

Connecting to SQLite using PHP projects on Scriptcase

To connect with SQLite by using Scriptcase is very simple, just perform a few configuration in the file and follow our connection tutorial. SQLite servers runs on both Windows and Linux servers, check out our tutorial on how to connect a project in PHP using the SQLite Scriptcase.

After making the necessary settings, just add a new connection to the project, enter the data to access it and enjoy all the benefits that Scriptcase offers. Test this functionality right now and discover a world of new possibilities. Download now the free version of Scriptcase version 7.1.

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