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Success Case

Scantec Informática

Lisboa, PT | www.scantec.pt

The SCANTEC provides consulting, planning and integration of solutions for the customer needs. After the analysis and planning, the solution is implemented, either in isolation or integrated with other existing products in your company.


  • Software development
  • Consulting
  • Mobile

"Scriptcase allowed me to develop much more quicker that what I was used to develop before, Scriptcase helped me over 20 projects and 300 applications"


  • Rapid application development: Scriptcase helped me to focus only on what is important to my project, saved me around 70% of development time.
  • Learning Courve: I was not a experienced developer buy with Scriptcase I was able to create complete professional applications by myself.


  • Sales and management control
  • Sales person management


  • SPC Vendas: PRE-SALE software for Android. It is a powerful multi-user tool in the field in the sales systems and MOBILE TABLET PC with Android operating system. It's fast, efficient, and able to deal with large amounts of data.

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