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Success Case


California, USA | www.scriptcase.net

Our main project automates the workflow for a specific business where outside orders are received from clients, prepared in house, shipped, and invoiced through this project. The web-based portion of our project was developed using Scriptcase


  • Consulting Services
  • Software

"Scriptcase is a good tool for quick implementation of front-end applications. Product support has improved greatly and consistently in the past 2 years."


  • Quick development: Scriptcase allowed us to create 6 projects over 420 applications.
  • Portability: Once a new version is released we can update our system to add the new functionality very quickly.
  • Ability to access multiple databases: You can connect to several databases with no programming at all.


  • Quick deployment
  • Web based
  • Portable


  • SoftMedics: A point of sale and workflow system developed for a client. We have used MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Sybase in our projects.

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