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  • Show who added a record in the table

    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me how to add the user that saved the data into a table? I have got security working fine just cant see where I can grab the user and add to a field.


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    You can add a security log to your project.
    From the menu choose:
    Modules>Log>Create Application Log

    I use it on all my projects.



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      Hi Kevin thanks for the reply, I'm really new to scriptcase, how exactly do I go about doing it. I see the log section, can I then put the name of the person into a field on a table?


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        You 'just set it on' the way Kevin described it. From the menu you can generate an audit-trail search application to allow you to create reports from this log table. As Kevin wrote, never do without. We use it all the time too. I recommend you to go to the youtube video channel and look at all the teaching video's. Takes a little time but I think it'will be very valuable for you.
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