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    hello guys,
    i'm thinking of making a simple booking/reservation application that can allow for one user/group to add events, then other users to book this event by filling their data... then first admin user will collect these data who booked the event and export it into excel or csv or pdf...etc

    my problem is i don't know how to start up, any help to stand in sc7 regarding the best practice to start with, please tell me, i would really appreciate

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    You should check out the Training Management sample application:

    Hope this helps.


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      yes I've done, but doens't seems like a booking system, it is more complication and directed to training thing

      i just want a simple as explained above, and already building one but lost in the first preparation, i think it shouldn't be the first application i work it on sc

      or any help or idea how to start from someone may highlight for me the errors that i am facing currently and make it easier to create with logic

      perhaps someone has already created the same and wanna share the sc exported file to see how it looks? is this possible as per this forum rules? to share examples with other users?