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  • Calendar event limits

    I understand the calendar is a 3rd party app. Here's my issue. I have a list of projects that are shown on multiple calendars depending on their status. There is apparently a limit to how many events you can have shown on a calendar. I know this because if I remove a couple of projects then the rest of the projects will show up on the calendar. Does anyone know of where I can increase this limit so all projects show up on the calendar?


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    I would look at the original website of the product.
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      Originally posted by aducom View Post
      I would look at the original website of the product.
      Thank you! I will look at their information.


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        After much headaches, I have found the cause for the issue I was having. So I am posting my solution here in case in this happens again or if someone else comes across this issue. The calendar requires 3 fields to be filled out and if any of these fields are blank (in the database) the calendar will not function properly. I found one record that was missing the title and caused the calendar to not show any records.

        Thank you Albert for the link to the calendar!