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  • Inject code in a block

    I need to show a custom chart (not the embedded with Scriptcase) object with a search (or similar) on the same page.
    So I've decided to try to embed all this in a control application where I use buttons for navigation and other tools, fields to select the filter values and make my own selection of data for the chart.
    But my problem is how to render the chart in a position. For example, a control with two blocks, one for the filter and another for the chart and when I change the filter, update my chart.
    Here is my control but without the chart. I need to insert the code for the chart inside 'Chart' block replacing the 'Chart' field:
    The resulting will be similar to this simulation:
    control with chart.jpg
    How can I achieve this?
    I've look for events but I can't find any to do this. A custom field with event in SC to render it will be a good future option. An event on render object or block will also be appreciated.
    Is possible to replace at run time an object with a custom one for example during application initialization?

    Thanks in advance..