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  • Multiple records processing


    I'm trying to develop interface to the database table, which is made of 2 apps:
    1. Grid Equipment
    - allows to select multiple records in the grid,
    - has button (to say "Edit Group"), which passes list of selected IDs to a control app

    2.Control Edit Equipment Group
    - allows to edit list of selected IDs (remove unnecessary, manually add extra ones)
    - has details fields for putting the same value (or clearing the field) for the whole group
    Edit Group.jpg

    The first app was built standard way, using Run button with script:
    [total_chked][$arr]={Equipment ID};


    Now I need to transfer global array [total_chked] into the output part of Double Select field, but not sure how to do it, at least I didnít find in ScriptCase Examples and Tutorials anything similar. Any ideas how do this? I know it should be piece of Javascript code here, but I wonder if there are more simple ways to do this in ScriptCase.

    My ultimate goal is Rapid Development, i.e. development without heavy coding, using as much ScriptCase standard capabilities as possible, so Iím ready to give up of such exactly interface if there are any other standard methods of editing group of selected records in one click.

    Thanks ahead for any tip provided here