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  • Netfirms Database Connections Help

    Currently I use Netfirms to host my websites and mysql databases. Unfortunately they do not allow remote connections (security issues I guess) directly to the mysql databases I create on their webserver, which is okay (for now at least). With other php generator software I have used I was able to just enter my remote connection information for that site into the software without having to actually make a connection. Then when I deployed, the connection information for netfirms was stored and I was able to ftp the files and run my programs just fine.

    I'm trying out scriptcase and I LOVE it so far. On my development server (localhost) it runs great. I want to deploy the test project I created onto my netfirms server now to see how it reacts in a live environment online before I purchase it. When I edit my connection in sc to be the netfirms connection information it says it can't connect (no surprise there). It won't let me save this connection however. How do I go about changing the host / database / login / password information for scriptcase manually so I can run my deployed files on the netfirms server?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Netfirms Database Connections Help

    As far as I know, you have to use the _lib interface for the deployed project to create / modify the connection. The stored parameters in the configuration files are encrypted and NM won't (as of v5.2) release any way of modifying them manually. You must edit them via web interface.


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      Re: Netfirms Database Connections Help

      Thanks for the info and quick response Is there any documentation on how to do that? Sort of lost...thanks again


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        Re: Netfirms Database Connections Help

        <your web-path>/_lib/prod/lib/php/nm_ini_manager2.php

        there you can configure your connections


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          Re: Netfirms Database Connections Help

          Thanks everyone for all of your help. Between you guys and a support ticket and some trial and error of my own I finally got it working!! So, for those of you newbies like me who may use Netfirms in the future, here's how to do it...

          1)Create a folder on your netfirms site to store the common files in.
          2)When deploying, select advanced, whatever template you have(or create one), then in the common files area change the folders listed to be the folders on your server (ex: the default is scriptcase/prod so I had to change it to system/prod, system being the folder I created on netfirms to store this data). Do this for each area listed. If you don't you will get errors saying that your files can not be found.
          3)Choose your current connection, you will modify this later
          4)Select Create Zip and Deploy on FTP server. Use your netfirms ftp information.
          5)After successfully deploying the basic files through ftp and creating the zip files you will have to click on the link scriptcase shows to download the common files.
          6)Extract the files on your local hard drive then ftp them to the folder you created on netfirms
          7)Go to your web address/whatever folder you created that stores the common files you just ftp'd. This should open the production environment using netfirms as the server.
          8)Follow along with the scriptcase instructions on how to log in.
          9)Create a new connection using the netfirms information (found in your netfirms control panel). Be sure to name it exactly the same as what your existing local connection was named!! It will not connect when you try to run your program if it is different.

          And that's it Hope this helps someone in the future!!!