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Problem with dictionary in SC5

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  • Problem with dictionary in SC5

    I have 3 different connections to local MySQL. When I try to create a Dictionary for the project there are several problems that happen:

    1. When selecting connection (from the drop down list) I can only see one connection which was already removed and does not even exist (not the other two which I need), despite I created a connection in SC

    2. When I selected the connection I DO NOT WANT (the one that doesn't exist), then clear the error and goto EDIT dictionary, suddenly the needed connection appears on the list.

    3. When I select proper connection and try to update fields in the project the dictionary says: "No Applications available".

    I thought the whole purpose of the Dictionary is to make an easy updates between database and the Project. The one button should update all fields from database TO the Project and the other one from Project TO the database.

    am I doing something wrong, or missing something ?