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Problem with 2 SC-projects on the same server

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    Ok let me try and explain
    Lets say I have 3 separate projects deployed to the same server and if I log into Project A exit the project and then go to Project B in the same browser I get the error of connection not found

    Project A uses a conn called conn_A
    Project B uses a conn called conn_B
    Project C uses a conn called conn_C

    What I did was create a conn_A,B and C in each project setup in the prod environment

    That way if I switch to any project the connection will be there

    This all because support says not our problem

    As I stated before BS



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      Originally posted by aducom View Post
      This is something I for sure will run into. Am I correct that you will deploy all your projects under the same libs? Sharing the lib stuff for sure will limit needed system resources but might have issues on a new scriptcase release. Then you can only deploy if you have regenerated all applications and deployed them. As the amount of data is pretty large, this might become a problem. Other issue is that we like to test our release on every deployment, which will limit our human resources. First we need to test all our apps and then deploy. Need to think about that... I think it's cheaper to make multiple url's on the server? What if you use subdomains?
      Hello Mr. Drent,

      You can upload each project separetely even though they share the same production environment.

      @everyone, Try making an advanced deployement, or creating subdomains to assure this issue will not happen on your deployed projects.

      Bernhard Bernsmann