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Problems connecting to DB2

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  • Problems connecting to DB2

    Hi, Sorry for my english!

    When I try to connect to DB2 I have the following error: The extension of PHPibm_db2 must be enabled to access this database.

    The extension:
    in the php.ini is enabled.

    I asked ScriptCase support, they told me to install ZendServer and enable the extension for DB2, but that does not work.

    Someone could give me some idea to achieve scripcase connect to DB2?

    Additional Data:
    ScriptCase installed on windows server 2003
    I5/OS Version 6 - DB2

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    Is this while running scriptcase or after deployment? If you have installed SC from the windowspackage then it's odd you have to install ZendServer. My guess is that the DB2 datasource is not correctly installed. Have you checked ?
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      I suggest you grab a tool first to see if you even can connect to DB2 (e.g. use the odbc db2 drivers to test it with).
      Or just use a simple script in php (see


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        If you are facing any issue related to DB2 connection then you can try some manual solutions to fix this issue or you can also try other ways like using any third party tool. Here, if this kind of issue happens to you then you can also try DB2 File Repair Tool. This tool will help you fix DB2 connection error with an ease after applying just a few steps. You can log on to the below URL to know more about this tool and the fixing steps that you need to perform: