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How manage the behavior of COPY SC standard button (Toolbar)

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  • How manage the behavior of COPY SC standard button (Toolbar)

    Dear all,

    I'm wondering how can I manage some action when I use the Copy button standard (From toolbar).
    In my case for istance when I copy a header of an invoice (master/detail) I would like that new record proposed by pressing copy button would increment
    the number of invoce (i.e. Max(InvoiceID) + 1 ) and other fields.
    Is it possible or need I to create a custom button ?? I checked within Events but I don't be sure which use in case.

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    Hi Giovanni

    Have you tried to do the same things you do for new record? ( OnLoad, if ( sc_btn_copy or sc_btn_new ) { } )
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    Giorgio Bravi
    Dolphin Software & Thinkware


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      Ciao Giorgio !!
      so I can try to do it in this way.... I hope it can work ...

      if (sc_btn_copy)

      $sql_def_nr_inv = "SELECT COALESCE( MAX( InvoiceID ) , 0 ) + 1 from invoices";
      $def_nr_inv = {def_nr_inv[0][0]};

      [invoiceNR] = $def_nr_inv;
      {InvoiceNumber}= [invoiceNR] ;
      [InvoiceID] = {InvoiceID};
      [glo_DueDate] = {RequiredDate};
      [glo_invoiceDate]={InvoiceDate} ;



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        Yes. And put all under OnLoad event.
        Let me know if ok.
        Giorgio Bravi
        Dolphin Software & Thinkware


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          Hello Giorgio,
          the if test works and now copy the header of invoice correctly.
          The steps are following and I got now problem on refreshing the invoice pages.

          1) Find the invoice to copy . OK for istance Nr. 4 the last inserted.
          2) Click on button Copy and now it copy all header infos from invoice 4 and within the invoice nr. field it propose correctly nr. 5
          3) I change for istance the invoice date and eventually other info and then, once ready, I click on Insert/add button
          4) Now my willing is to have the header invoice record saved and the form proposing again invoice nr. 5 just created.

          At the moment SC come back to show me, after insert button clicking, the invoice where I started the copy and in this case invoice nr. 4.
          and in pages the refreshing is not done. In brief to see the new invoice inserted I need to change page on the bottom using Arrow buttons and then go to first record again . In that moment I can see the new nr. 5 invoce header correctly.

          I've tried to add a sc_commit_trans(); within event onAfterInsert but still SC re-propose the nr 4.
          I can't insert sc_redir(invoice_form) to reload the form using the ORDER BY invoice number DESC sorting
          becouse it need makes some checks and another application . (I ask to user if he likes to update "PrimaNota" table)

          I don't know .... what to do, now I'm stucked here... ;-)
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            Try to check the SELECT in debug mode and see what happens. Maybe yo can change the where using sc_where_add macro
            Giorgio Bravi
            Dolphin Software & Thinkware