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Open Master - Detail in Modal with Firefox

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  • Open Master - Detail in Modal with Firefox

    Hello everyone,

    The issue is that I need to open a Master / Detail Form in a modal window. When I use Chrome browser, everything goes well; but when I use Firefox, the detail is not shown (look at the pictures). I experienced this problem with Scriptcase 7, but I forgot it because it was not completely necessary then, but now I really need it. Any idea to solve this browser incompatibility?

    With Google Chrome

    With Mozilla Firefox
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    In order to find more detail you should install firebug in your firefox and use F12 to see which errors occur. For us here firefox seems to work quite well.
    Sometimes addons/adblock etc.. can get in the way since it alters the code you get in your browser.
    Try a portable firefox to see if it happens with a clean firefox installation.


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      I think it's not a problem with my browser. I have tried in different client machines using Firefox and results are the same. And as I said, I already had this issue in Scriptcase 7, but it remains with version 8. So, I think some part of my implemented interface is not supported in Firefox yet.


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        Well with F12 you should be able to figure out what is going wrong exactly. Likely you will see some javascript errors or so. This may give you a hint on what to change to make it work..

        Just my view tho.


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          Ok, here they are some firebug screenshots taken in the right moment when I open the modal. I hope they are useful.


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            This looks either like a javascript bug from sc OR an addon in firefox that alters the code.
            If you can disable various addons in firefox. It is very hard tio figure out what is wrong here tho. I hope sc is looking also..


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              Thanks for your replies rr, but I'm sure addons are not the problem. It happens in a fresh installation too. OMG! Am I the only one trying to do this? I have not found anything related to this issue.