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  • Master/Detail and Quick search

    Hello everybody,
    I hope somebody can point me in the right direction with a problem i encountered lately.

    I have a Master/Detail scenario with multiple detail forms linked from other tables all as editable grid view. So far so good. Problem arises when using the Quicksearch feature, which works well, until you have a typo/invalid key in your search phrase and you get an empty record. Since you now have an invalid (empty) foreign key for all the linked tables, which of course points to the Crab Nebula somewhere in the constellation of Taurus, instead to a valid record in the master table, everything comes to a squeaking hold. You have to terminate the application an start all over again.

    This occurs only with linked detail-forms because it is manageable with pure grids as a detail.

    Any pointers/workarounds are welcome.

    Thanks in advance