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  • Change size of helpcase popup window

    How does one change the size of helpcase popup window? I want it to be a little bigger, if not fully maximized, when launched. I tried embedding javascript onload.window resize but the size of the window remains the same. Where in the code is this defined? js, index.php, css?

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    Nevermind. It seems to be a browser issue with chromium on Linux. Works fine in FF, IE, and Chrome on Windows and works in FF on Linux.


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      Another issue. Why does the html editor in helpcase change your code or delete it after you update it? I add in a link in html editor and click update and it's not there. I go back to the html editor and it erases whatever I put and adds a non-breaking space   Can you not link media in these files. If they are html then I shouldn't be limited as to what I can do!


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        That is not an issue of SC but of tinyMCE which is used afaik. But annoying, I agree.
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