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[SOLVED] open form to new record

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  • [SOLVED] open form to new record

    How does one open a form to new record (rather than first record in record set)?

    I have a grid with several orders. The order ID (in the grid) has a linked field to the orderDetail form. Currently the default SC settings are when the link is clicked to open the form, the form is opened and the first record in the recordset is displayed.

    I would like to open a form (using the modal window option) to add new record (order detail).

    Thank You!

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    This is what I have done to "force it"; in the SQL if you have primary key like id put where id < 0

    this always open up in insert mode


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      This is the best way: sc_apl_conf("Application", "Property", "Value"):

      Ex. 1: Forces the "my_form" application to start in the addition mode.
      sc_apl_conf("my_form", "start", "new");

      see helpfile for further explanation. Put this tiny macro in your init event.
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        Thank you for the help!!
        @aducom = solution worked!