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Upload image file in BLOB field not working on production server.

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    could you send me a link to your other posts.... in this post, i can not find fixes... Thank's.


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      See this thread.
      For sc7 there was a long standing bug (which still is not perfectly fixed).
      I changed the code there and on sc8 I have basically the same patch. It is not that hard to patch once you know where it is..
      Tho I think it is a bug sc seems to be a bit on the slow side on fixing this properly.

      Be aware that this was an error for a file document upload error. The file blob error is similar. Since we dont use it I havent had the need to
      patch the generated code.
      If you really need to fix it immediately then I suggest making a simple blob upload app and use xdebug to find where it goes wrong. The links I gave you show in which area you need to search.

      This is based on the assumption that the file upload code isnt altered too much since sc7 so you need to do some searching and use xdebug.
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        Hi rr
        thank's for this post. I read it but i think, i am not Netmake. For what i pay them for scriptcase when they want everyone to fix the own code instead of fix scriptcase?

        I'm really angry about this, because this is a basic feature not working in Scriptcase for years now and the don't fix it. And they have the fix allready from you, only have to put it in their code... i'm not believe.

        Thank you for your great job, but i think, i will write to Netmake directly and ask them, why the not fix....
        Best regards


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          Amazing this issue still remains in SC8, I have begged for help but no luck


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            We dont patch it anymore and use the standard code, they seem to have fixed all the bugs and errors I have reported over the months. So in our case we use a grid with pictures and it works with strange filenames. But you have to take into account that not every character will be proper basically because your website is in a certain characterset and thus the characters can be converted in the process.
            Next to that my old code had an auto open based upon filetype, that is not implemented in the new code. So a piece of code that knows the filetype and sends the filetype to the client so that the proper program opens it (word, paint, excel, ...). Scriptcase has not yet implemented that. The need for that part is not that high since the scriptcase implmentation now just downloads the file where you can open it by hand on your own desktop/tablet/phone with the proper program.