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  • sc_mail_send with attachment

    hello all,
    i have following situation:

    In a form a give the user the chance to upload a image into the database.

    In annother form i use the sc_mail_send macro in the after_insert event to send a mail to a specific user - this works without problems.
    But im not able to attach the picture to the mail.
    the mail arrives without the attachment.
    Im using Postgreql DB and tried to store the file into a oid-,bytea-Field, tried to save the document on the server directly, nothing is working.

    Anyone has a solution for the problem or could give me the right direction ?



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    Do you want to attach the file or integrate it in your email like a logo? Regarding attachments: can you attach a pdf or text file? Are you sending the email as plain or as html?
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      i send it as html. For my result, it is equal if it is a attavhment or like a logo.
      i have not checked at the moment if a pdf or something else is working.
      My workaround for the moment is that i created a grid with the picture and send a link within the mail