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Subtotalizing a from grid editable

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  • Subtotalizing a from grid editable

    Hi, how i can totalizing a grid editable, i need show in footer or header Total:. sum(field_value).
    I have in event onload [v_title] = sum of field value. and works fine.

    But i need everytime that a user update a row the footer refresh too.

    I tried in onloadrecord, but it not refresh.

    any idea?

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    Guess I am not smart enough..

    I do this for one of my applications.. But It is a summary of the dollars associated with the records details.

    I tried doing it, but since when you use an editable grid when you update the record it is only refreshing the record not everything.
    I got it to work if I refreshed the page using F5 but I cannot get the page to refresh using scriptcase and I dont know javascript..

    But what I did, is created a php method to sum a fields value in the database and then on the OnAfterUpdate,OnAfterInsert and OnAfterDelete called that php method..

    Like I said it updated but only the record I was on.

    I had created a field called sum in case that is lost in translation..