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[SOLVED] Create form to query database table

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  • [SOLVED] Create form to query database table

    I would like to create a form which will prompt the user for a search criteria to pull records from a mySQL databe table. Currently i have one table that has a primary key, From name, To name and Converation text. I would like to have someone fill in on a form the "From Name" and "To Name" and then run a query on the table and produce a list of all the "conversations" between the "From Name" and "To Name". Since I'm reletivly new to Scriptcase, I was not sure how to accomplish this. I already created the query using Query Builder and it returns the results I am looking form. I'm not sure where to place this in the application. I assume it goes in the Form app and then it should return the list in a grid view. Any suggestions on where I should begin. I did create some simple apps already in scriptcase soe I have my feet wet.

    Thanks to anyone willing to share their knowledge.


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    Create a grid application and configure it to startup with a search screen. If you open this application you have a search item left in the menubar. There you an select the fields to search upon, to allow searching between, reorder the searchoption etc. etc. Hope this helps.
    Albert Drent
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      Thanks Albert. Your suggestion worked perfectly. I think I was trying to over-think the solution and make more work for myself. This is the beauty of Scriptcase.

      I value all your input into this forum. Keep up the good work.

      Thanks again.