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Using the Year as Combo box does not work

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  • Using the Year as Combo box does not work

    I have a field which MySQL is defined as Year.

    In my form, i want the user to choose from a combo box a list of year.

    However, i was not able to get it to work, any example on how to do so?

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    select distinct year(mydate) from mytable order by 1


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      Scriptcase Form for Date field has an option to set field as "Use a combo-box for exhibition of the field" and "Use year as combo."

      However, after i have enabled it, when i run my application the input field disappeared and no combo box was seen.

      How to use this feature? or is there a bug ?


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        It's working well here, so there must be something special going on. Have you tried another browser? Could it be a different combination of checkboxes. Is it primary key?
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