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Problem with products form in sc_shop system

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  • Problem with products form in sc_shop system

    Hi I'm using the shop example, but i found an extrange error.

    The admin products form doesn't show the fields in x64 operating systems

    I mean, the exact same app in computers runnig exact same version of apache and php works fine when the operating system is x32 bits and wrong when the operating system is in 64 bits.

    How could solve this issue?? Cause I need to host the system in 64 bit server.

    Thanks in advance.



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    I don't know of the shop sample, but I'm running on 32 and 64 bits w.o. any problems. As it's just php I don't expect this to be a SC problem, more some kind of configuration problem on the webserver side. If you have set up your prod environment yourself: have you accidentally mixed up 32 bits/64 bits dll's / so's?
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      No, I have 2 differents hostings and a wamp installation in my pc.
      So, the app only works in hosting with 32 bits system. But if I change my OS per another in 32 bits, the app works fine, with the same version of wamp, so the unique explanation that I found was that.