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  • Limit OneToMany rows

    I'm in a situation where i need a Master/Detail form and the Detail ( multiple records ) number of rows must be limited by a field defined on a Master form.
    In the specific i want to create a form where the user insert a product code and a quantity and after that a list of serial numbers limited by the quantity field.

    Any idea on how to manage this?
    Giorgio Bravi
    Dolphin Software & Thinkware

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    depending on the database the way to do it is to use limit (sqlite/mysqlmariadb) / where rownum<... (oracle) etc...
    And you should be able to use a variable for that then.
    select ... where rownum<[mymax] order by something


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      Only problem is that the limit statement is sometimes leading to syntax error depending on the state of the form. That's a SC bug.
      Albert Drent
      aducom software netherlands
      scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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        I know how to populate and show already inserted records
        My question was how to represent only a certain number of rows in function of the quantity that is a field inserted in a given header in a master / detail form and the detail is a form with multiple records.
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        Giorgio Bravi
        Dolphin Software & Thinkware