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  • Navagation not working

    I have a simple form that when a record is added it needs to be redirected to a grid. As far as I knew that's what the navigation section of settings in a form was for. However, no matter what I put there as the exit URL it never redirects. I tried every combination of radio buttons with close on exit, return after inserting, and exit application. Nothing works! I looked at the help file and It says absolutely nothing. It just has a screen shot of the navigation section!

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    I got it to kinda work. By clicking exit application with the combination of exit url yet it redirects to a different app than the one specified in the exit url! The app it's redirecting to is the app before this one which is linked. So, it essentially goes back and not redirect. This is the last obstacle to completing a big project!!!!


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      The easiest way to navigate after adding a record is a small piece of php in the onafterinsert event. Just add


      and you're done.
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        Duh, why didn't I think of that! Thanks.