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How to determine the form Mode?

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  • How to determine the form Mode?

    How to determine the form Mode?
    I mean How to Know if the form is in Edit mode or insert mode?

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    it depends on your tool-bar.
    when you disable "update" and the "go forward" "go backward" - buttons, your form will automaticly be in insert mode.
    when you disable insert-button and enable update, you are in update mode withour navigation and without insert-option.
    when you enable navigation, user can navigate.

    when you enable all these tools, the user can do both: update data and insert new.

    when you want to change behavior, make two forms, one just for updating, one just for insert
    i dont know - i never used - if there is a macro for showing/hiding these buttons to change the mode of the form without using a second form.


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      But I need with code or macro determinete if the form Is in mode Edit or Is in mode Insert, for execute other scripts