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  • rating-field with stars

    hi there,

    did anyone ever find out a way to insert a field with a "rating" - possibility?
    you know - 1 star up to 5 stars. wenn you click the first one, database saves "1", when you click the second, db saves "two" and so on.
    SC doesnt have this "just there", so did anyone made a workarount yet?

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    I haven't done this, but perhaps the ideas will help you. First you could use a custom field with a pulldown of 1 to 5 stars. Second you can add five stars as images with a hyperlink on it. Five images or one with hot areas, doesn't matter. This will provide you the information about the ranking. To be sure that everybody ranks only once you need to do something of course and you have to rework all the stars in the statistics.
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      thank you for your answer and your ideas.
      i will try it wheni solved some other probs.
      btw in this case it isnt necesary that the vote cant be changed. it is an internal rating of the customers: our staff can give some points to a customer like "will never buy", "maybe", "great chance", "will buy more" and so on - 0 to 7 stars
      i implemented it for the moment just by a text-select.