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    I have a form with several child records attached to it (either on Tabs or in blocks). When editing the form all child records can be added/deleted/updated with no problem.
    The parent table is an existing table with some data. When I try to update parent data on some fields I get an error message: RECORD NOT FOUND, although it doesn't happen always.
    There is a table called DISEASES with the structure like:;
    - ID
    - ComonName
    - ComonSubname
    - etc....

    It seems that I get this error only when I try to modify ComonName field. All other fields don't cause problems (when changed).
    When I try to change the field outside of SC App it works fine.
    Any idea what could have caused that ?

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    It's because commonname is the keyfield and you can't change the keys in scriptcase. SC cannot generate a statment like update mytable set mykey={mykey} where mykey={myoldkey}.
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