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Problem with Grid local and Grid in the web server

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  • Problem with Grid local and Grid in the web server


    Actually I´m expiriencing problem with a project, recently all my grids and the project in general are working fine in my local server (Xamp) I mean the Quick search and the XLS, PDF and pint buttons, but when I upload the project to my web server this options doesn´t works, if I click any button the screen refresh the table (grid) and nothing happens, when I edit a record I can use next and back buttons but when I use Back to the grid the form appear in the record number one. The only way to back to the grid is reloading the grid.

    Please help me,

    Eduardo Cázares,


    Buenas tardes,

    Estoy experimentando algunos problemas con las grid, cuando trabajo con la grid en mi servidor local funciona bien, funcionan las busquedas "Quick search" y los botones PDF y XLS, pero cuando subo el proyecto a la web dejan de funcionar.

    No me estan funcionando los botones VOLVER, Busqueda rapida y los botones de barra de herramienta, alguien me podria decir porque me esta pasando esto? Este problema me tiene atorado y no he sabido como solucionarlo.

    De antemano muchas gracias,

    Eduardo Cazares

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    Thanks fow viewing, maybe works an update of my sc5 to sc7, I try uploading with the update sc7.1.

    Thanks in advance,

    Eduardo Cazares


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      No, is not working!

      I buy the sc7.1 to solve the problem, but the problem remains, please help.

      The problem is that the form in my local server works all the buttons (quick search, xls, pdf) but when I upload to my web server the form has problems, the buttons is not working, the search, pdf send a 404 error, etc.

      Why works local and does´t works in the web server?

      Please I apreciate any help.

      Eduardo Cázares


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        Well, I think I found the problem.

        The problem is when I use a subitem of Menu to call a Menu tree view, the next subitems in the Menu tree view make the problems mentioned, if I put the aplications in the main menu appear to work fine, maybe some variable is lost in the change of the menu to the tree view.

        Thanks, but I think my problem is solved now.

        Eduardo Cázares