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    Is there any option/macro to hide a page?

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    That would be odd. But you can hide a block. If you need to hide a page which is selected from a menu you can use a macro to delete this menu entry.
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      I am also chasing for hiding a page on a form. Hiding the block on a form is working, but really not the same.
      E.g. there are different usergroups an I want to hide information about the selected record for one user group.
      If I hide the block with the information, the user cannot see them, but after seeing the page subject, they know that
      the information exist. Be sure, they will come to ask for these information ...

      Now I always produce two forms of the same style, one with and the other without the information. Not a good style...

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        In my case i used jquery to dynamically hide desired pages but this is annoying, would be better some macros for that