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    Can we build custom sql queries like grid ones?

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    Originally posted by Clauu View Post
    Can we build custom sql queries like grid ones?
    You can even use plain php in blanc applications so virtually anything is possible. What do you want to achieve?
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      Yes but i mean to have full control about sql query to be executed for the main form, for ex i want to make some convertions on a specified field like to_char to_date etc without any extra sql query for that like in a grid where you can fully customize the main query. Also i'm having problems with some fields data type, i have a date field added manually only for displaying a calculated date but for some reasons it breaks my calculated date and the same is happening to a db field also, for ex
      {birth_date} is a field from my db(in scriptcase regional settings - no, date separator -, display dd-mm-yyyy)  with initial value 01-01-2014
      calc_date({birth_date}) this will add 2 days to passed date parameter and will return 03-01-2014
      now {birth_date} is 03-01-2014 but it wont display correctly in my form
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