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    I hope you did try to set the tmp directory somewhere else on dir you know 100% sure you can access. Setting the tmp dir should be done using the advanced deployment. I have been digging in the file uploader code a LOT since it contains a few bugs here and there. But the bug you are talking about I have never noticed. I know some files with 'strange' characters (>=chr(128) and + and & and so on) kinda get screwed due to these bugs (see my long piece on bugs in uploader...). But apart from that it does work... The upload as file is basically the same as upload as blob. It gets uploaded to the same tmp dir as far as I can see.
    So my advice is to grab xdebug and enable debugging with xdebug and simply start doing php debugging (like I did). Likely you find the exact line where it fails in which case finding a solution would be easier...


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      Ok so problem solved thanks to my country scriptcase contact guy, after debugged the app/form we looked in php.ini configuration and found that upload_max_filesize had a wrong setting.. Such a release