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how to make ID (auto increment) appear before save / commit

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  • how to make ID (auto increment) appear before save / commit

    how to make ID (auto increment) appear before save / commit?

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    Explain better what do you want to achieve, id is already auto incremented by your db when commit occurs.


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      Hi Clauu,

      You right what id is auto incremented BY DB when commit occurs. But I want it to appear on the form before commit (add button).


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        Then you'll have to add a new field visible ony in insert mode and in a event like onload set that field with the latest id from db or use the grid lookup


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          If you are using an auto increment field you simply cannot. If you use a simple integer you can do a select max(myid) from mytable to get the highest available key and add 1 to it. You can do this in the onload event.

          I strongly recommend *not* using this technique if more than one user can access your application. Suppose two people want to add a record. As long as the new number is not inserted both will get the same key. ONe can save, the other will get a duplicate key error.
          Albert Drent
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            Makes sense. Thanks Albert.