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Form Master/Detail with normal grid as detail - no edit button - strange (urgent)

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  • Form Master/Detail with normal grid as detail - no edit button - strange (urgent)


    Short look on situation which i have: I have Master Form with linked Detail Editable Grid View - please see attached file 01*.jpg. On it I can edit records belongs to master record on Master Form. This grid is under Block "Historia":


    I also have second Detail Normal Grid with records belongs to Master. But on it i haven't EDIT button to edit fields:


    Of course this grid has SQL with WHERE id_master = id (id from Master) to select rows from corespoding master Form.

    But when run this grid as separate application (not as Master - Detail) i can edit.

    I can't use Editable Grid View in this situation, i don't need it there.. I would like to use normal grid with coresponding additional Form to Add/Edit/Del rows. This grid have a lot of columns which should be edited and will be much usefull for my client to use normal grid as justified list of records and additional Form tu edit it.

    Could you please help? I can't found where is the issue that i haven't edit pictogram on each row.
    Thank you

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    you don't get the edit button on a grid in a master/detail situation. But the easy solution is to use an editable grid view, remove all the standard buttons (update,delete...) and create a custom field with a link to your form for update purposes.



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      Hi jsbinca,

      Yes, SC Support suggested the same. Thanks for answer. But i stiil think that this is the issue, that I can run Normal Grid in Application mode and I see field with "edit" pencil and can open external Form to edit valuse, but can't see the same in situation when Normal Grid is a part of Master/Detail.


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        @Netmake support: are you going to add posibilitty to add own buttons to Grid, when Grid is used as Detail for Master Form?