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[SOLVED] How to go to update of record just inserted

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  • [SOLVED] How to go to update of record just inserted

    Hi all,

    I got a form that can be reached by external users.
    They are the subscribers to an event and they have to register to event populating a form .
    I need to show them an empty form when they connect to form with shown only the title of event and date (master) and on details side all personal data requested.
    The details form is a single form.

    My problem is that once the user click on insert button then I have to show his data in order to have the possibiliy to print them or update them.
    Which is the best way to do such form ? I'm not able to show the just inserted (details) row .

    See image
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    In navigation menu set the option not to insert a new record after insert. Then after inserting the record the form will not display an empty new form but the inserted form in edit mode. Is that what you mean?
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      that's it !! Thanks . I never used it before .


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        I cannot make it work, the form goes to some random record but not the inserted one. perhaps the applied sorting has influence on this.