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where to add simple java script code?

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  • where to add simple java script code?

    hi guys,

    in sc, where to add simple java script code like the one to disable the right click? or any other effects or scripts like e.g. those provided by

    please tell me where to add it if developers of the script code say put it e.g. in between header/body and is it mandatory to add it to applications in the project or i can just add it somwhere so it will apply to all the project applications??

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    You can add it in the template, you can add it in the javascript menu left, and you can add javascript in the events. I'm not a javascript guru so I hardly use it (try to avoid it) but it's possible and there are some guys here who use it regularly. Perhaps they have a better answer.
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      thanks Albert,,

      so if i want to disable using the right click on the page, what should i do?

      e.g. this:

      anybody guys tried such thing?


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        I don't know about java script but you can get some help from here