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Help, how do we prevent input text highlight when we click tab or ALT+tab?

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  • Help, how do we prevent input text highlight when we click tab or ALT+tab?


    If we're in a process of filling a form... we're typing in a text field or textarea, then we click ALT+TAB to go to another program, then we go back to the form, the input text in which we focus last will become highlighted, right?

    How do we prevent that?

    So user will easily continue typing without the risk replacing ALL the text they have previously typed. And so they don't have to click the field again to lose the highlight.

    It doesn't occur in a common web page. Just in SC. How do we change that??

    Many thanks in advance.

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    It doesn't occur in a common webpage? I disagree, afaik this is standard behaviour of any webbrowser.
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      Well for example, I use Chrome to open this forum. When I try to type something in the reply box below, and go to another program via ALT+TAB. Then go back here, also via ALT+TAB, the text is not highlighted/ blocked.

      I know it's a standard behavior, but somehow it's not always like this in some web pages. And my user specifically requested to have the feature gone. Can we set it?


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        Sometimes I just want to have the courage to persuade my boss to stop using Scriptcase. It's tiring to be requested to customize many things, search for the workaround here, and not finding any solution.
        Well, SC is great for some simple web app. But can get you serious headache when you want some feature customization.

        Sorry for ranting here. (Please delete this, admin. ... If you spare your time to read this, that is.)