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  • Document upload / download questions

    Here is my scenario:
    Admin staff uploads documents to a clients file. That seems to work ok.
    Now I need to give the client a screen where they can see the documents that have been loaded and view or download them. I can't use the multi file upload control for this the client can only view or download. I'm assuming I put the files in a grid but my database doesn't seem to capture the file name.
    Ideally I'd like the client to be able to click on a document link and then the appropriate viewer launch like in other sites I've gone. And then if they want to download the file I'd like to file to keep the same name as it had when upload.

    This is easy in other dev tools and standard behavior. Why is it hard in scriptcase when it would seem to be a common thing?

    So I'm looking for a tutorial or some help to get this done. Would even consider paying for some code if someone could help me out. I'm stuck and frustrated...

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    I haven't worked with multi uploads so far, but on regular single uploads. You don't want to show the end-user an uploadfield. I therefore use a grid as you cannot update in a grid. Perhaps this is an alternative for you?
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      I need to copy the file upload to other folder, but I don't know how do I get the name of the file(save in disk, in folder temp), for that I can copy to new folder

      Somebody help me??
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