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How to insert image field into ms access table

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  • How to insert image field into ms access table

    All the samples work over mysql tables, BUT I need to insert an image field into a MSACCESS table, when save or update DATA I receive an error message "MSAccess: query is very complex"

    please help me

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    I have been working over it. If you choose the image field to be an OLE Object in access, then you can save the link(of the Image) in Scriptcase as the field Image(Filename). This can allow you to handle images in access..


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      Hi coolsumitan,

      Thanks by your help, I made the changes and my app is working,
      I change from image (in database) to link (image on subfolder) I put the subfolder as "fotos" BUT Where is the image subfolder ??? where scriptcase create these subfolder ?

      I find in my laptop and not found these subfolder



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        [SOLVED] I found and understand where SC save the images and photos,

        NOW, the problem is : where I can CHANGE the file name,
        my porposal is to create a relation between the product_code (by example) and the image name, prod_code IMC-005 and photo name IMC-005