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  • Master-Detail form - Insert into Detail form app

    How can SC clone/copy values of the 'Detail' form (refer before.jpg) and paste into 'Detail' form when i clicked 'Add' in Detail form?
    What i realized, currently SC only copied the Foreign Key

    It shouldn't be fetching the values from DB because might consider i add 5 'Detail' rows before click on 'Save' button.
    I am looking for a way SC can read from LAST 'Add' row (and not inserted into DB)

    Kindly advice
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    First of all as you are working record by record you need to hit save on every new detail record. The save button doesn't work on the master afaik. What SC is copying since it's a master-detail is the primary of the master. That's a normal behaviour as this is 'the linking pin'. If you need to change this value you need to set it in the properties as initial value or by one of the events.
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