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BACK Button/Exit URL Redirect with parameter

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  • BACK Button/Exit URL Redirect with parameter

    Hi All,

    I have a Master/Detail Form (form_app1) with the detail grid (grid_app1) in a tab.

    Each row has a field with an "Add" image button in it (As I couldn't figure out how to display an "Add" button on the header toolbar of the detail grid).

    When the "Add" button is clicked, it Opens in another window to a form (form_app2) in the "add new record" startup.

    I would like to have the user returned to the original Master/Detail application (form_app1) and have the "ClientID" parameter sent in the redirect if the user clicks the "Exit" button or onAfterInsert of a new record.

    Ultimately, I would love to have the Tab open on (form_app1) after the redirect.

    I have tried for 1/2 a day, different combinations of sc_redir's, "Exit URL for the target application" values and numerous other ideas which came to mind for something so simple as the <BACK> button on a web browser! Absolutely ridiculous!

    Please help - Thanks - Ken

    Update: Don't know what I was thinking!

    I just added the _blank in the sc_redir, which opened anoter tab. Clicking "Exit" closed the tab and of course, the app being redirected from was there.

    Brain Fart.
    Last edited by kholliday; 06-14-2014, 04:04 PM. Reason: SOLVED