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    Hello Everyone,
    maybe a stupid question but i am new to this so be patient with me.
    In the tutorials it says creating a new field by clicking on the new field button unter the form settings.

    like here to see

    i have done it this way. and it opens a new field in the html code but the database it doesn't. To do so i have to switch over to the database builder is this correct?

    thanks in advance!

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    This option is to create a field without persistence.

    If you want to persist this field,change on database (using SqlBuilder or your favourite database Management tool) and then sync under Application menu of your application.

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      In addition, custom fields can be used for additional purposes. I.e. I like to display a name and address in one field, but there are two fields in the database. Then I remove the name and address from the form and add a custom field. Then in the event onload I concatenate the two fields into the customfield. Just a sample.
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        aaahhh I got it! Thanks. After playing around with the software since one week i slowely understand it's main concept and then it is very easy and self explaining. very cool!