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How to search 'detail' app?

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  • How to search 'detail' app?

    I have a keyword 'month' in my detail app, but when i search in 'Master' app and it doesn't show any result.
    My idea is to build a complete 'Person' app and have a unified search in Master app, and expect it to show result even the keyword is in detail app.

    Can SC do that? coz they are different app
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    sorry but no reply?
    i have app loaded with nested apps, so the search is important for searching content in nested app.
    can SC developer comment how to achieve this?

    Let say i have 100 employee, i would expect search keyword 'London' would return the person who lives in London
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      That is a problem from your software design / conception ... Lets say, you have 1.000 adresses and you will seek about the city, then you must have the city field in the master app. In this case it makes no sense, when the city field is in you detail app ...

      On the other hand you can make a separate search dialog and link search results to your master app.
      Best regards: - Reinhard -

      I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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        hi RHS, thanks for the reply.
        my intention is to build (let say) a Person app, it tracked addresses, names, personal_detail(marital_status, gender) of the person from time to time
        I would like to make it more complete personal tracker to cater for
        - Person will change name when they get married
        - Person will move to different city(location) in different timeframe

        So my app is sort of like
        Parent table - person table (with only 1 field, person_id)
        child table (with additional key field Effective_date) to track the 'real' him in a given date

        that's how i plan to design my app
        master - Person table
        detail - address, names, personal_detail (all of them have FK person_id, effective_date as keys)

        With such design, i will no longer able to search for 'person ever stay in London' because my master table only contain person_id