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Exit Application Not Showing On Some Forms

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  • Exit Application Not Showing On Some Forms


    Just noticed this.....

    On some of my forms I get the option to 'Exit Application' in Application -> Navigation, but in others I do not. See images attached.

    I have noticed that the forms where I get this option were created recently, whereas the forms where this feature is missing were created in earlier versions of 8.1 (typically 8.01.0010).

    Is there a way to get this option to show up on the older forms?



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    Strange, I created an application on the release 10 and it comes with that option.
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      Thanks for the feedback. Maybe it's not due to the version that the form we created in then.

      All I know is that any new forms that I create get this option, but older forms created in release 10 but running under 8.1.039 do not have it.

      If anybody has any suggestions on how to enable this option I would very much appreciate it?




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        Looking at the code, I saw that the interface is hiding this when it is an application form or calendar, and also when you have a link in the application itself.
        Make sure the application has a master/detail, N-N relations, link buttons or something like that.

        This is the reason why the option is hidden in the interface.

        I checked this feature along with Cavadinha. The interface is correct to hide this option, avoiding conflict with other options that have the same characteristics in certain situations.

        I'm going to move this case to the right category.

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