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How can you change Capture Link Icon and Grid Lookup Text Positions in a Grid Form?

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  • How can you change Capture Link Icon and Grid Lookup Text Positions in a Grid Form?

    I have an Editable Grid Form which has two capture links applied to two fields. The two fields also have two Grid Lookups because they are foreign keys and I want the description to show rather than the id.
    In this instance, I do not mind the id also showing but I wouldn't mind replacing the id with the description.

    SELECT and Auto Complete fields seem to be the only fields that will replace the ID with the description but then the Capture Link does not work with them for some reason.
    Besides this, the pick list is too long for either of these types to be practical.

    I finally adopted an integer field and used the Grid Lookup to get the description but the description is placed under the id field. The icon for the capture link is also under the field. I would like these to both be next to the field.
    Any ideas on how to do this?
    Rod - Developer

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    For the icon, there's no configuration, but as it's just an image you can replace it manually. If you need to position the icon i.e. for a capture then you can create a custom field of type image and apply a link to it. The lookup might be something different. Capture link would be the way to go, if it doesn't work then please post what you are doing as this is not a common problem.
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      The attachment shows my field. Notice how the icon and Grid Lookup Description are below the field. A Select type field will allow me to replace the integer with a description but then it will not allow me to have a capture icon. Creating an image link will link to a Form application for capturing new records or maintaining records . I don't think you can select a record with that sort of link. Hence I am trying to use the Capture link but the Capture link only seems to work with some field types.
      Description Move.gif
      Rod - Developer