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    Originally posted by moelath View Post
    Hi Giu, when you are saying "grid or form is totally supported" for details.
    for Grid, does it mean "Form application" with type "Editable grid / Editable grid view", or is it really grid form ?
    A misstype. I meant isn't totally supported as detail...

    i am asking because i tried to make a detail link with "Grid Form" and in the link there is no "link parameter available", so my detail grid is not connected to Master form.

    And when i link the detail with "form application" with "Editable grid" the link parameter is available and it works.
    the problem is, this kind of detail is adding new row directly in the detail row / create a new row.
    i found it will be hard for our application to add new detail directly in a new grid row because so many column to add.
    i prefer to have a grid detail but when adding a new detail,
    will need to add with "single form" style. (maybe open modal), and when new row added, the grid refreshed/added to the grid.
    is it possible ?

    many thanks
    On Detail Form as editable grid link specify you want the new button, and on the link, specify the same form, but tell to the link to show this form as "One Record"

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      I use a field link to another form. It means i have to create a link for every column.
      Then i can just click a row and open a form in modal or i use iframe above grid to open form. I can edit and adjust the form to be like a detail card with no edit ability and also have buttons to create PDF reports from that record.

      Basically, there were things i wanted to have in the detail card but i can't make any changes to detail, so i made a form with all fields as labels and disabled. Now i use that as detail with buttons and other things i can use. Also i have an edit button which enables all fields in case of quick edit.
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