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How show totals under a Editable grid view

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  • How show totals under a Editable grid view

    Hi all,

    I got a Editable grid view were I show record that user has selected in a grid. This list has a companyID for each product.

    I need to make some control check about totals against some limits (i.e. if total order values for each company is less than a value... add some expenses).
    I did that with a grid that makes these totals for each company and compare the minimum order value set.

    The best solution would be to have on the bottom of first form these calculated totals.
    I tried using Master/Details to but it needs only a Single record form to work properly (obviously).

    The only way...I suppose, is to insert a sc_redir within the PHP connected to Create Order button I got on header.
    The sc_redir call that grids with total and warning user if there are problems..

    Using this solution another problem rises..

    How can I come back to PHP code just after the sc_redir I just did ?
    I mean the Create Order makes lot of things... and I need to do them after having seen the grid of totals.

    Probably a small image is clearer.
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