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Select and radio fields shown as toggle sliders

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  • Select and radio fields shown as toggle sliders

    Usually Select and Radio fields on Scriptcase forms are shown using the traditional HTML checkboxes, ...

    But advanced websites often use sliders for a better UI.

    I searched for such a solution when I developed some projects for clients in the past.

    Now a webinar by Marcia did inspire me to a small blog, how to do such an implementation for Scriptcase forms.

    If someone is interested, please have a look at:

    Suggestions for improvement are very welcome ;-)
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    Gunter Eibl - Scriptcase & Open Source projects (German/English) - Solutions for IT-distribution & reseller (German) - About me (German)

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    Very nice, Gunter
    Thanks for sharing.


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      I tried this and i looks nice BUT...

      When i cllick a button i changes like it should. The i save!

      When i reload the page the value is NOT changed and is still the original value.

      Suggestions? I used the code above