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color in a text field?

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  • color in a text field?

    Apparently I am missing something. I have a multiline text field (only display) and want to give PART of the text a color.
    So adding a <font color=red>....</font> wont work, neither will a <div style="color: #FF0000">....</div>
    Apparently it is parsed by scriptcase in some way. Of course using a html editor field doesnt not work since that thing does not allow me to disable the buttons and the rest around it..

    So how can I display a value with a color in it?
    If such an option does not exist then I suggest that scriptcase adds a field with style possibilities in the contents of the text, that one one can choose to alert part of a field to red and others to green.

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    Afaik you can remove all buttons from the toolbar from the SC-ide. Also you can use a simple label field to display the html which allows coloring (at least it did ;-)
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      Interesting I did remove all the buttons ( but it just placed them back on. I guess they fixed it but since they didnt fix some serious bugs in later versions we cant live with yet... (hint hint to scriptcase)


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