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    Hi SC,

    I have a form from user_profile table in database with ID and image column. I create a form with image is set to be Image (File Name) for user to upload their image. I need to put some default image in the form, what is the best way to do so? Kindly advise...

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    My quicky (untested) solution:
    1: decide for a path where to put your image. Say it is ...../www/myapp/documents
    Place a default image there, e.g. _default_.jpg and write protect _default_.jpg so that it can not be overwritten or deleted.
    When you create the new record in your scriptcase simply set the field to default.jpg

    Once someone uploads a new image it will be another filename.

    2: be very aware that you use ADVANCED DEPLOYMENT with the correct paths once you use the image (file name).